March 1, 2023


When an aspiring composer, Dune, is mansplained by her boss in a seafood restaurant about the proper skills needed to cut up a squid – she leaves work with a feeling that only worsens as her boyfriend breaks up with her once and for all.

Fearing failure in all areas of life, Dune cycles to the beach only to be surprised by her findings.

script & director Lucy Cordes Engelman | with Ishtar Bakhtali | editor Stephanie Sibbald | music Ishtar Bakhtali | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund & City of Rotterdam moving image
September 9, 2022

the Infinite Anatomical Theatre

THE INFINITE ANATOMICAL THEATRE is an animated re-telling of the myth of The Fall inspired by Baroque Anatomical Art in Holland. The film combines hand-drawn figures with digital scans of Baroque architecture to create a myth of our culture’s relationship to both the human body and technology.

script & director Simon Pummell | script coach Margot Knijn | VFX Barend Onneweer | 3D animation Ryan Cherewaty | editing Tim Roza | co-produced with Visualantics Steven Dhoedt | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund & Flemish Audiovisual Fund

September 9, 2022


A dead body is found at the art fair. Commissioner Ziggurat and Lieutenant Le Bon go to investigate.

script & director Pieter Samyn | production design & animation Pieter Samyn | music Ruben de Gheselle | sound design Senjan Jansen | supported by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund & Netherlands Film Fund | a co-production with S.O.I.L. Brussels Linda Sterckx & Geert van Goethem

September 1, 2022


Deep inside a mountain in Japan, international physicists are researching the so-called ghost particle. On that mountain lives a small village community with its very own view of nature. Neutrino is a poetic-philosophical documentary about the interwovenness of elementary particles, countless gods, picking chestnuts, pixels on a computer screen and the art of making tofu.

script & director Jan van den Berg & Hannie van den Bergh | script & directors coach Tamara Vuurmans | translations & local production Maokoto Sugano | director of photography Claire Pijman | sound recordist Jeffrey Jousan | editor Katarina Türler | music Jacq Palinckx | sound design Wiebe de Boer | grading & delivery Laurent Fluttert | in co-production with KRO-NCRV | commissioning editor Laetitia Schoofs | supported by the NPO-fund, NIKHEF, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts & Physica Foundation
June 21, 2022

East of Noon

In the desperate setting of an enclave where hope seems to have faded after a failed revolution followed by a new military dictatorship, a young musician breaks through the shell of fear and risks everything in search of love and freedom. But at what price?

script & director Hala Elkoussy | supported by the Mondriaan Fund & by the Mondriaan Fund with the Netherlands Film Fund in the framework of De Verbeelding & Fonds 21 | a co-production with VRIZA Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan & Nu’ta Films

February 8, 2022


Mister Ø has been working alone for years on a slow boring damp tunnel drilling machine. He passes his time well with his Concorde flight simulator. Until he gets a grain of sand in his eye.

script & directors Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen | technical development & support Zoltan Korai | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund in the framework of De Korte Verbeelding (Short Imagination) & Creative Industries Fund NL
March 17, 2021


ZAAD is the story of a man who gazes blindly at the supposed heredity of his father’s mental illness, without realizing that the most powerful drug against it is within his grasp.

script & director Dries Meddens | director of photography Benito Strangio | sound design Wiebe de Boer | music Maarten Meddens & Arthur Fink | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund & Flemish Audiovisual Fund | distribution Windmill Film Distribution Annemiek van der Hell & Wallie Pollé | a co-production with Associate Directors Mark Daems
March 15, 2021


DRIFTER, a modern astronaut, becomes detached from his space station.
While a mysterious green liquid keeps him alive, he’s taken into an infinite drift throughout the universe. Freed from time and space, DRIFTER is confronted with the void. When the futility of his existence forces him to leave behind dead weight, impending illusions are broken.


script Joost Jansen & Steven Dhoedt | director & animator Joost Jansen | animator Willem Stessen | line producer NL Edgar Kapp | director of photography Robijn Voshol | gaffer Otto Ligt | fluid art Jan Willem van der Schoot & Jeroen Henstra | composer & sound design Frederik Soete | supported by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund & Netherlands Film Fund & Tax Shelter programme of the Belgian Gouvernement | festival  distribution Kaboom Distribution Ursula van den Heuvel | a co-production with Visualantics, Brussels Steven Dhoedt



July 22, 2020

Desert of the Real

Intimate conversations with ex-psychotics unravel seeking answers to how much control man has over his own psyche. During the film, the boundary between madness and common sense appear rather cloudy.

script | director | animator Luuk Bouwman | research Luuk Bouwman & Linde van Schuppen | design Pien den Hollander | camera Jan Pieter Tuinstra | VFX Jos Wabeke | co-produced with EO | supported by Netherlands Media Fund in the framework of LEF & by CoBO Fund & the Netherlands Film Fund in the framework of Teledoc | commissioning editor EOdocs Margit Balogh | producer EOdocs Saskia Fris