November 16, 2022


Memories of a first love, with the idyllic coasts and forests of southern England as a backdrop, are inextricably linked to the history of a special children’s home that provided shelter for hundreds of Jewish refugees during the Second World War.

script | director Barbara Meter | personal assistant Wim Oudshoorn | directors of photography Guy Sherwin & Ewald Rettich | sound recordist Sam Simons | production Salina Sorgdrager | editor Dorith Vinken | VFX & grading Maaki Nurmeots | sound design Mark Glynne | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts | a co-production with EO | commissioning editor Alfred Edelstein
January 4, 2022

VR time travel (aka DUST)

VR time travel takes us to the end of the earth, to the moment that the Sun has burned up his very last hydrogen, and all life on Earth has come to an end, or has dispersed itself throughout the Universe.

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directors Floris Kaayk & Koert van Mensvoort | development coaching Simon Pummell | scientific coach Frans Snik | installation concept & design Maze de Boer | line producer Lies de Jager | producer Tim Hoogesteger | 3D assets Organism Studios Adriaan & Rik van Veldhuizen | sound design Wart Wamsteker | music Matthijs Verschure | programming Tijmen Meijer & Marcus Graf | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, the Creative Industry Fund, Mondriaan Fund, Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, City of Eindhoven, Province of Noord-Brabant, Vriendenloterij Fund, Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven & STROOM Den Haag | a co-production with Next Nature
November 28, 2021

Darkness there and nothing more

Many years after the war, a young Bosnian woman, now a film maker invites two Dutchbat veterans to spend a one-on-one night with her in an empty theatre. From sunset to sunrise; to meet their demons.

script & director Tea Tupajiċ | director of photography Jean Counet | sound recordist Mark Schmidt | editor Albert Markus | sound design Roel Meelkop | creative producers André Schreuders & Marc Thelosen | co-producers Basalt Film, AS Film & seriousFilm | supported by the Droom & Daad foundation, City of Rotterdam (visual arts), and the Netherlands Film Fund
November 1, 2021

Asubha | GAKA

With ASUBHA, Aryan Kaganof gives his personal answer to GAKA, and shifts the focus of the film to Asubha meditation. With Asubha meditation you need to concentrate on an image of the body in various stages of decomposition. You need to relate that image to your own body as an antidote to lust and to eradicate attachment to your own body. The hedonist keeps pushing a boulder like Sisyphus, stuck in a lustful captivity without being aware. Giving in to hunger is satisfactory, yet, at long last, where does it lead to? ASUBHA allows you to create space for full or deep consideration; thoughtful observations; to reflect. ‘An opportunity – without the fear of dying or dissolution – to investigate the self via film.’

script Aryan Kaganof | initiated by Aryan Kaganof & Tomoko Mukaiyama | a film by Aryan Kaganof | director of photography Wiro Felix | sound Kees de Groot | sound design Hugo Dijkstal | music Maxim Shalygin & Tomoko Mukaiyama | music clearing Roy Bemelmans | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, Arts Council Tokyo, Multus Foundation & Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation
September 28, 2021

Thou shalt not kill – train hijack De Punt

…what happened during the train hijack De Punt?…

“The beginning of a case always seems hopeless, but that is never a reason not to start it.” A documentary about human rights lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld. Relatives impeach the Netherlands State for executing unarmed Molucan hostage takers. Liesbeth Zegveld assists them.

In co-production with KRO-NCRV | supported by the Netherlands Media Fund
script & director Koert Davidse | commissioning editor KRO-NCRV Jelle Peter de Ruiter
August 20, 2021

Little Ox

Under care of his mother famished Little Ox and the Ox herd move to the North. While travelling they are hunted by a pack of wolves. Their target is Little Ox.

script & directors Patrick Vandebroeck & Raf Wathion | production design Raf Schoenmaekers | 2D composites & gradig Barend Onneweer | music by Michel Banabila | sound design Wart Wamstekers | in co-production with Vanessa Jacob | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, and the tax-shelter programme of the federal Belgian gouvernement
June 5, 2021


A visual wandering through the overwhelming landscape of the high mountains, a film making you feel as if you are in a mountain hut high in the sublime mountains of Slovenia; at the same time you are outside experiencing the mountain in its indescribable presence. A meditation on a mountain on which people stay behind dead and nevertheless go there walking pleasantly with many others.

script & director Joke Olthaar | director of photography André Schreuders | music Rutger Zuyderveld | editing Katarina Türler | sound design Hugo Dijkstal | grading Reinier van Brummelen | deliveries Laurent Fluttert | scriptcoaching Sander Blom | supported by the City of Rotterdam Arts & Culture, the Netherlands Film Fund, and, Benelux cinema distribution Windmill Film Distribution

May 28, 2021

Death of Darkness

A film essay by Jasmijn Schrofer on Light.

The possession of light has not only made society more productive and more powerful, but it has also made people more vulnerable and dependent on it.

After seeing my first firefly, I have spent months immersing myself in the meaning and history of light and darkness. With Fire, Homo Sapiens has gained more control over nature. We learned to control the darkness and obtained the power to change our environment.

script & director Jasmijn Schrofer | director of photography Jurgen Lisse | sound recordist Claas Meier | editor Inèz Poortinga | music Eren Önsoy | coach Jiska Rickels | grading & deliveries De Lodge Remi Lindenhovius | VFX Barend Onneweer & Tommie Geraedts | sound design Tom Bijnen | grading supported by the Netherlands Film Fund in the context of the Wildcard programme & Cinecrowd
May 23, 2021


The sky is the way to the universe, if people are awed by nature, they become modest in order to be able to connect there. GAKA is the Japanese word for noble song. GAKA is a ritual performance in which dance, music and stage design contribute equally to an aesthetic experience together with the specific location and time of day. GAKA is a theatrical prayer performed by 20 Japanese dancers who dance, sing and play instruments. GAKA is an enquiry into a borderland where performance and nature are actively connected and separated. GAKA is a film initiated by Tomoko Mukaiyama & Aryan Kaganof.

initiated by Aryan Kaganof  & Tomoko Mukaiyama| directors Tomoko Mukaiyama & Reinier van Brummelen | director of photography Wiro Felix | sound Kees de Groot | editing, grading & delivery Reinier van Brummelen |sound design & final mix Hugo Dijkstal | music clearing Roy Bemelmans | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund & Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation (Japan Art Council)