Asubha | GAKA

With ASUBHA, Aryan Kaganof gives his personal answer to GAKA, and shifts the focus of the film to Asubha meditation. With Asubha meditation you need to concentrate on an image of the body in various stages of decomposition. You need to relate that image to your own body as an antidote to lust and to eradicate attachment to your own body. The hedonist keeps pushing a boulder like Sisyphus, stuck in a lustful captivity without being aware. Giving in to hunger is satisfactory, yet, at long last, where does it lead to? ASUBHA allows you to create space for full or deep consideration; thoughtful observations; to reflect. ‘An opportunity – without the fear of dying or dissolution – to investigate the self via film.’

script Aryan Kaganof | initiated by Aryan Kaganof & Tomoko Mukaiyama | a film by Aryan Kaganof | director of photography Wiro Felix | sound Kees de Groot | sound design Hugo Dijkstal | music Maxim Shalygin & Tomoko Mukaiyama | music clearing Roy Bemelmans | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, Arts Council Tokyo, Multus Foundation & Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation