Borssele & the Power Plant

documentary (55 mins)

In Borssele, a small village in the south-west of the Netherlands, the last Dutch nuclear power plant is still operating. In 2005 it reached the age of thirty.
This documentary is about its history and about the people who took part in it. Anti-nuclear energy activists, employees of the plant and residents of Borssele talk about their lives and in how it was affected. Their stories are about the region, provincial identity and the controversies surrounding nuclear energy

director Hester Overmars
director of photography Harm Griekspoor
sound Maarten Walters & Ab Grooters
editor Albert Markus
producers Marc Thelosen, Yan Ting Yuen, Koert Davidse
co-producer Omroep Zeeland

DVD available (Dutch and international version), price (incl. P&P) € 12,-
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