Every modern society is built on two invisible and indispensable systems. The sanitary and the monetary system. When something goes wrong with one of these two, our civilization is in danger. In this shadow puppet film we follow the journey of a cent who has fallen into the sewer system.

script & director Serge Onnen | stop-motion animation Sverre Fredriksen | music Li Daiguo | sound design Fred Kienhuis | final mix Rob Dul | grading & deliveries Laurent Fluttert |

supported by Stimuleringsfonds voor Creative Industrie, Mondriaan Fonds, Confucius instituut Leiden, stichting Stokroos, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Cinecrowd & Institute for Provocation Beijing
premiere International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017 the Netherlands (in competition for the Tiger Award for Short Film) | theatrical screenings IFFR on Tour 2017 screenings in selected Dutch theatres | festivals Holland Animation Film Festival 2017 Utrecht (in competition for the Grand Prix for Dutch Animation, the Trade Award, and the Audience Award) | Ammehoela Festival 2017 Amsterdam | Mammoth Lakes Film Festival 2017 United States | Bunuel Calanda Festival Internacional 2017 Calanda | SansueƱa International Festival del Cine 2017 Madrid | FC Hyena Philosophy VG 2017 Amsterdam | Ottawa International Film Festival 2017 Ottawa (in the Narrative Short Animation Competition) | Stop Motion Mx 2017 Mexico City | ZINEBI 2017 Bilbao (in international competition)