Martin Lodewijk and the Last Page funding for the documentary Martin Lodewijk and the Last Page by director Koert Davidse has been concluded succesfully

cartoonist Martin Lodewijk is best known for his famous creation Agent 327 for more than 50 years Martin Lodewijk has been working in the Dutch comic world as a cartoonist, script writer and as editor of the main Dutch comic magazines, Lodewijk has now finished a new album of Agent 327

director Koert Davidse
script Koert Davidse | Erik Quint
director of photography Jefrim Rothuizen
sound recordist Diego van Uden
editor Tim Roza
VFX Urrebuk Sander Alt
music Paleis van Boem
sound post-production Wiebe de Boer
grading | delivery Barend Onneweer

commissioning editor RTV Rijnmond Cees van der Wel
commissioning editor NTR Oscar van der Kroon

PBS RTV Rijnmond | NTR
supported by Dutch Cultural Media Fund | stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht |