DRIFTER, a modern astronaut, becomes detached from his space station.
While a mysterious green liquid keeps him alive, he’s taken into an infinite drift throughout the universe. Freed from time and space, DRIFTER is confronted with the void. When the futility of his existence forces him to leave behind dead weight, impending illusions are broken.

script Joost Jansen & Steven Dhoedt | director & animator Joost Jansen | animator Willem Stessen | line producer NL Edgar Kapp | director of photography Robijn Voshol | gaffer Otto Ligt | fluid art Jan Willem van der Schoot & Jeroen Henstra | composer & sound design Frederik Soete | supported by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund & Netherlands Film Fund & Tax Shelter programme of the Belgian Gouvernement | festival  distribution Kaboom Distribution Ursula van den Heuvel | a co-production with Visualantics, Brussels Steven Dhoedt