VR time travel (aka DUST)

VR time travel takes us to the end of the earth, to the moment that the Sun has burned up his very last hydrogen, and all life on Earth has come to an end, or has dispersed itself throughout the Universe.

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directors Floris Kaayk & Koert van Mensvoort | development coaching Simon Pummell | scientific coach Frans Snik | installation concept & design Maze de Boer | line producer Lies de Jager | producer Tim Hoogesteger | 3D assets Organism Studios Adriaan & Rik van Veldhuizen | sound design Wart Wamsteker | music Matthijs Verschure | programming Tijmen Meijer & Marcus Graf | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, the Creative Industry Fund, Mondriaan Fund, Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, City of Eindhoven, Province of Noord-Brabant, Vriendenloterij Fund, Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven & STROOM Den Haag | a co-production with Next Nature