His Lost Land

documentary (52 mins)

In 1958, the 6 year old Frits Sahertian witnesses a terrifying shooting, six Moluccans are shot by the Dutch police force in the Moluccan Barracks in Westkapelle, a village in the south of the Netherlands. This event will determine the rest of his life.

His Lost Land has been screened at Film by the sea, Documentarist (Istanbul),  Dutch Film Festival (Utrecht)

script & director Koert Davidse
director of photography Ton Peters
sound Diego van Uden
editing Luce van de Weg
sound design Bart Jilesen
music Paleis van Boem
producers Marc Thelosen, Koert Davidse & Yan Ting Yuen

co-producer Omroep Zeeland

supported by stichting het Gebaar, Thuiskopie Fonds, Rotterdam Film Fund & VSB Fonds
developed with the support of Dutch Media Fund
DVD available (Dutch and international version), price (incl. P&P) € 12,-
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