Death of Darkness

A film essay by Jasmijn Schrofer on Light.

The possession of light has not only made society more productive and more powerful, but it has also made people more vulnerable and dependent on it.

After seeing my first firefly, I have spent months immersing myself in the meaning and history of light and darkness. With Fire, Homo Sapiens has gained more control over nature. We learned to control the darkness and obtained the power to change our environment.

script & director Jasmijn Schrofer | director of photography Jurgen Lisse | sound recordist Claas Meier | editor Inèz Poortinga | music Eren Önsoy | coach Jiska Rickels | grading & deliveries De Lodge Remi Lindenhovius | VFX Barend Onneweer & Tommie Geraedts | sound design Tom Bijnen | grading supported by the Netherlands Film Fund in the context of the Wildcard programme & Cinecrowd