1st wildcard documentary production (21 minutes)

the ferry sailing since 1959 between Stockholm and Helsinki is known for its wild booze parties: the Scandinavians usually so introverted become wild in a way that is hard to understand, they change into savage Vikings

LOS is the result of the first Wildcard for documentary; a programme of the Netherlands Film Fund in which young film makers are offered the opportunity to realise their first production after their training

script & director Ed Cook
camera Ed Cook & Vladas Naudzius
sound Rik Meier
editing Luce van de Weg
sound editing Bart Jilesen
music Paleis van Boem & David Berndsen
producers Marc Thelosen, Koert Davidse & Yan Ting Yuen

this film was supported by the Netherlands Film Fund
DVD available (Dutch and international version), price (incl. P&P) € 12,-
for more information, please contact