Inspired by an elementary ghost particle the filmmakers embark on a research journey to a prestigious physical experiment, a thousand meters deep in a mountain in Japan. In the village on that mountain international scientists are living and working the local community.

This quest for physical knowledge transforms to an existential and philosophical exploration.

script & director Jan van den Berg & Hannie van den Bergh | script & directors coach Tamara Vuurmans | translations & local production Maokoto Sugano | director of photography Claire Pijman | sound recordist Jeffrey Jousan | editor Katarina Türler | music Jacq Palinckx | sound design Evelien van der Molen | in co-production with KRO-NCRV | commissioning editor Laetitia Schoofs | supported by the NPO-fund, NIKHEF, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts & Physica Foundation