Deep inside a mountain in Japan, international physicists are researching the so-called ghost particle. On that mountain lives a small village community with its very own view of nature. Neutrino is a poetic-philosophical documentary about the interwovenness of elementary particles, countless gods, picking chestnuts, pixels on a computer screen and the art of making tofu.

script & director Jan van den Berg & Hannie van den Bergh | script & directors coach Tamara Vuurmans | translations & local production Maokoto Sugano | director of photography Claire Pijman | sound recordist Jeffrey Jousan | editor Katarina Türler | music Jacq Palinckx | sound design Wiebe de Boer | grading & delivery Laurent Fluttert | in co-production with KRO-NCRV | commissioning editor Laetitia Schoofs | supported by the NPO-fund, NIKHEF, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts & Physica Foundation