This documentary shows all sorts of elements of teeth and its cultural use – from denture to etchings, paintings, fashion accessories, and contemporary art. It discusses the fear of the dentist, shamefulness for rotten teeth, cultural expressions, and new technologies to make teeth.

The largest dental collection in Europe, located in the University Museum of Utrecht (the Netherlands), is the core of the documentary. We see by old prostheses how a primitive idea of ​​teeth and dentistry is developing to our contemporary understanding of oral care. Not only dentists but also artists, musicians, designers, and storytellers have examined the human dentition.

The skills, the handicraft of dentists and prosthetists, lead us to the many artists inspired by teeth. The dental universe evokes amazement and the sum of all these images and stories shows that teeth are omnipresent.

script & director Ine Poppe | Koert Davidse

PBS RTV Utrecht | supported by the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Dutch Magazine for Dental Sciences & Prince Bernhard Fund for Culture