the Modular Body

seriousFilm presents an online science fiction story by Floris Kaayk


went live on Wednesday April, 13 2016 | the modular body

During the 2016 edition of the Netherlands Film Festival The Modular Body has won Het Gouden Kalf, in the section ‘interactive’. Congratulations Floris Kaayk, congratulations to all involved in this inspiring project.

Following international acclaim for the video clip of rock band De Staat’s Witch Doctor (2015) and de transmedia productions Rayish Footwear (2013) and Human Birdwings (2012), Floris Kaayk now presents THE MODULAR BODY, going live on 13 April.

On his own initiative , scientist Cornelis Vlasman experiments with organic materials in his independent laboratory. He is obsessed with the question: ‘What if the human body would not be a closed system, but instead a modular design with separate parts?’ Using his own body cells he created a new organism with a beating heart, lungs and exchangeable limbs. He names it OSCAR.

The Modular Body is an online science fiction archive allowing viewers to explore fragments from Vlasman’s research — with music by Machinefabriek. Designed in collaboration with Lustlab.

THE MODULAR BODY is a seriousFilm production, co-produced with the VPRO, with financial support from the Netherlands Media Fund, Creative Industries Fund, Fonds 21 and STROOM.