April 23, 2019

That Which is to Come is just a Promise @ Cannes 2019

‘That Which is to Come is just a Promise’ formerly known as ‘the Tuvalu project’ by Flatform (It) premieres during the Quinzaine des RĂ©alisateurs, Cannes 2019.

Funafuti, in the Tuvalu archipelago, is the scene of a phenomenon no longer unique in the Pacific: as the climate warms and the sea level rises, the salt water of the high tide rises through the ground, flowing through the pores of the land flooding it, and putting the future of life on these low coral islands at risk. In a long traverse of Funafuti, the low tide and high tide alternate fluidly, and without interruption capture the places and the actions of their inhabitants: waiting and suspended in time.

Congratulations to all who have contributed to this critical experiment on the demise of our environment.

Many thanks to our co-producers Dugong Films (It) Giulia Achilli & Marco Alessi, and Blueskin Films (NZ) Catherine Fitzgerald.