October 19, 2023

No man’s air

In 1974, Cyprus was split into a Greek and Turkish part. The border, known as the ‘green line’, is a strip of no man’s land. In it lies the ruins of Nicosia Airport. Pilot Adamos Maneros relives the last flight to this airport. Found footage of the decaying airport, the plane’s wreckage and flight simulations depict his story in VFX.

script | directors Gerco de Ruijter | Peter Delpeut | Gerben Schermer | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund
October 19, 2023

Loud Apparitions

In an audiovisual dance of appearing and disappearing, the nineteenth century optical illusion Pepper’s Ghost and the phenomenon of human echolocation come together in an abandoned theatre. Loud Apparitions shows the potential of shifting focus and sensorially conveys how richly we experience the world when we rely more on sound.

script | director Bregje Benecke | script-coach Tim Leyendekker | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund
March 1, 2023


An essay about the difference in which our 2 hemispheres experience the world. These 2 worlds are depicted and interwoven by means of fictional scenes, interviews, documentary images and a soundscape. A portrait of the paradox that seems to dwell in us, which questions the essence of The Enlightenment: that we can predict or replace experiences with our thinking ability.

script | director | Maaike Anne Stevens | script-coach Ingrid van Tol | research & production Erika Roux | director of photography Peter Mann | sound design Stephan Blumenschein | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund
December 17, 2022

Funeral march

In a procession, the hunter is carried to his grave by the animals he threatened until recently. When it dawns on them that they have been freed from their oppressor and can master his dogs, their moods change dramatically.

script | director | animator Lucette Braune | music Gustav Mahler | distribution by Kaboom distribution Ursula van den Heuvel | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund
December 3, 2022

Desire Lines

Branko obsessively trails his brother through Belgrade, trying to fathom his unusual behavior, but realizes along the way that he himself is the strange one, an observer, an apparition.

Branko keeps walking and leaves the city behind, passing through landscapes and borders on his way to somewhere else: a place where everyone and everything has a story to share.

script & director Dane Komljen | director of photography Ivan Markovic | a co-production with DART FILM & VIDEO Natasa Damjanovic, Marletti Armin Hadzic, Flaneur Films Zsuzanna Kiraly | distribution by Windmill Film Distribution, Megocom Films | supported by the Film Center Serbia, Hubert Bals Fund / Netherlands Film Fund, Media Plus, Megacom, Sarajevo Ministry of Culture & Sports
April 6, 2022

Headless trees

A family in a semi-utopian town, in an undefined country, is torn by war, socio-political instability and superstition. They take refuge in imaginary worlds: they dance to fight ghosts, turn funerals into celebrations and plan a tunnel through the earth, all to counter the trauma of disappearances, possession and death.

produced by near/by film Manon Bovenkerk | script & director Sara Rajaei | director of photography Reinier van Brummelen | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund in the framework of De Verbeelding (The Imagination) programme | production coaching by seriousFilm
December 11, 2021

Die wrede relaas van Vuilgat en Stilte

An ominous journey through a feverish dreamworld where nothing is forbidden. When they finally opened the cave, on the third day after the stoning, her body was gone.

In a world where nothing is what it seems, true love means the torture never stops.

script & director Aryan Kaganof | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund in the framework of the Thuthuka programme
November 28, 2021

Nostalgia for the future

A film based on the life and work of director Chris Marker. A documentary essay about memory, history, nostalgia and how images of the past shape our future. The essence of the archive as the fundament of our collective memory itself is being questioned.

script & director Brecht Debackere| editor Beppe Leonetti | sound design Wiebe de Boer | music Niels Borrey | supported by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, Netherlands Film Fund & Fondo per l’Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia | a co-production with Visualantics (Brussels) Steven Dhoedt | international sales Cat ‘n Docs Catherine Le Clef | film distribution Windmill Film Distribution Annemiek van der Hell & Wallie Pollé
December 11, 2020

Dandan is a free man

Young writer Dandan ends up in prison. Waiting for days in the dim cell puts Dandan in a deeper state of mind. The alienating interrogations by Prosecutor Elders evolve into profound discussions about art and society. An encounter with the mysterious cellmate Laponder leads to an unexpected turnaround.

script | director André Schreuders | script coaching Miryam van Lier | creative producer Tim Leyendekker | supported by Netherlands Film Fund