June 29, 2018

My brother

My brother Bart died of AIDS in 1986, without him or the family knowing he had it. Growing up in a family and environment where talking was not evident at all, I want to break the silence I experienced around Bart’s illness and death.

script & director Koert Davidse | development script Jolein Laarmans | script coaching Hester Overmars | supported by the Netherlands Film Fund in the context of the OASE programme & NPO-fund | commissioning editor KRO-NCRV Jelle Peter de Ruiter | producer KRO-NCRV Yolande van der Blij
June 29, 2018

Breaking Walls

Journalist Hao Yi fights internet censorship and advocates freedom of speech. He hides his homosexuality for his mother, and because of his mother he even married a woman. In a unique style of documentary and animation we follow Hao in his journalistic works and his quest for personal freedom. Can the two be combined?

script & director Jan-Dirk Bouw | script coach Ernie Tee | art director Sverre Fredriksen | co-producers Off World and Walking the Dog (BE) Frederik Nicolai, Frédéric Dirickx | this film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund